About Us

We are Victor and Phyllis Hsu.  In 1971, we arrived from Taiwan to pursue our post-graduate studies in the US.  We had a first success with our egg roll recipe at the annual Austin International Fair.  With that memory, we added that signature egg roll to the menus of the two neighborhood original-reciped fried chicken take-out stores we owned in the late 70’s.   When the popularity of our egg rolls grew, we decided to expand our egg roll business and started Amy Food Inc. in 1981.  Our company is still family owned today.  Amy Food Inc. is named after our first American-born child – In Taiwanese, “Amy” means “love of America.”

The Three Dragon name also has a special significance to Amy Food Inc.  In the Taiwanese tradition, a family with three members born in the year of the dragon will experience good fortune.  Our family has three dragons, and we definitely have been very lucky.

The Jamy’s Three Dragon™ brand is our retail brand, and is named after Amy’s younger and equally food savvy sister, Jamy.

We had a strong start with many local public schools around the Houston areas.  Our commitment to the students’ school lunch program continues today.  We are a staple supplier to the public school systems throughout the country.  Now we have expanded our reach into the wholesale business and have created more products for the retail market, including all natural and organic food.

In addition to our full line of egg rolls, we also make potstickers, empanadas and party platters.  Housed in a 40,000-square foot facility, our manufacturing plant has the state-of-the-art processing and packaging technologies .   We constantly strive to create new and innovative products for our growing markets. Amy Food Inc. has been a loyal supporter of local agriculture and a member of the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Go Texan program. We are a certified minority-owned business and maintain high standard of food safety for our products.

With our knowledge and passion for good food, Amy Food Inc. continues to find new flavors and tastes for great food.  We hope you enjoy our labor of love.

We are located at 3324 South Richey Street, Houston, Texas  77017.  It’s also where the organic garden, a grant-funded project of the Alliance for Multicultural Community Services is located. Telephone: 713-910-5860